About Us

We The World Magazine (We The World ) is a digitally-native, climate forward news outlet that aims to inform, awaken and rouse the people to action, as the world is poised to sleepwalk into disaster. 

We deliver world-class coverage on global events that shape the world including breaking news from India, the US, world, politics, lifestyle, business, entertainment, and health among others. 

We The World is primarily focused on global affairs with a strong, aggressive priority and editorial mission to uphold the most glaring issues facing the world today, the center of which is the environment. 

We define our reportage and content as fluff-free, unbiased, uninfluenced by any partisan, and charged with a goal to uphold life as is, and dispatch truth that could lead to a change. 

What do we cover?

We The World is based in India, but our coverage is truly international in focus because we believe issues like climate change, politics, human rights, animal welfare, and trends cannot be geographically limited or ‘Indian,’ or Western’ so to say. 

Our stories include a sweeping coverage on the major environmental developments from around the globe, including stories on ‘Human Conditions’ (our term for human rights), sustainable technology, Green Living (again, our term for the green movement including veganism), animal welfare and so on. 

Our domain

Generically and categorically, we’re a general interest media website, but we believe this tag cannot, (and should not) hold us back from pushing content for the greater good. 

Hence our stories often include up-to-the-minute and unbiased coverage on global politics that shape Earth, including major announcements on climate change and human life, among other general interest content (with a strong ethics-based editorial).  

About us 

As a start-up, we’re just growing up but are proud to say we have nurtured some worthy partnerships in a short time. 

We’re a proud partner of Earth Day Network India, and in collaboration with them publish high-quality stories on climate change, call-to-action environmental activism, and informative content on the environmental cause. 

Earth Day is one of the world’s biggest NGOs working tirelessly to diversify and activate the environmental movement globally. 

We The World is amongst a few hundred media outlets globally (and only the 4th from India) to have signed the Covering Climate Now — “a New Playbook for a 1.5-Degree Planet, a project aimed at dramatically improving media coverage of the climate crisis.”

We’re also a proud partner of Agence-France-Presse, and we regularly feature stories from global media outlets like the Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe, The Conversation, and many others. 

At this year’s monthly peak (so far), we clocked an excess of 150k readers hailing from all over the world. 

Editorial Policy statement

We The World Magazine is an editorially-driven independent digital media outlet. The majority of our content is either editorial, partner, agency, or contributed. We clearly mark sponsored or paid stories with a ‘SPONSORED’ tag.

Disclosures, corrections, and Standards

We The World strives for accuracy in reporting, transparency and thoroughness in sourcing, and fairness and stand-alone analysis.

When feasible, We The World tries to verify and confirm information from multiple sources.

We The World gives anonymity to sources so that they can provide information in the public interest without jeopardizing their safety; we do not grant anonymity to sources so that they can escape being held accountable for their views.

We The Wold makes every effort to correct any errors as soon as possible, with a correction notice posted to the bottom of each item indicating what has been fixed and how.

For more egregious errors, more conspicuous notices may be inserted.

We The World will only retract a story if a senior editor finds fundamental faults in the reporting following a thorough assessment, and always with an editor’s note.

When an article is advertising content (including sponsored content), We The World includes labeling (currently in article tags), and we disclose ties with outside partners who may fund any area of coverage.

Editors and writers

Editor-in-Chief: Debayan Paul (Co-founder)

Digital Writer and Editor: Sayantika Chakraborty

Editor: Dibyani Dey Paul

Digital writer: Piyali Sen

Creative Director: Arunodoy Dey (Co-founder)

Website backend (Developer): Sahil Buddhadev

Agencies and sources

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

The Conversation

Voice of America

Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Europe

Kaiser Health News


Climate Covering Now

Earth Day Networks India

and growing.