What Is This ‘We The World Magazine’ You’re And You’ll Be Reading?

We The World Magazine is a digitally-native media start-up, owned by Paperboat Holidays LLP.  

Read from our prompt and up to the minute coverage and stay informed with stories that matter, information that keeps you updated, and events that shape life.

The scope and growth of the internet have reached its peak, enabling media like us to form and operate. People more than ever are spending time on the web.

As a news and media publication, we strive to deliver timely and credible content. If there’s anything posted on We The World Magazine website, you can rest assured it is well researched and true.

Why do we report what we do?

We’re a media outlet giving our best to report on the environment and sustainability issues – two of 21st Century’s indispensable, unputdownable issues. This includes every aspect that is associated with the greater good of our planet, including global politics that impacts Earth (otherwise we’re far from the dirty version).

While environmental issues comprise a significant part of our reporting, we do cover stories from different planes of life, including daily breaking stories on health, wellness, cuisine, culture, trends, and animals.

Last, but certainly not least, we boast of our Photography section which is like a communal eatery for the community. Photographers and visual artists from every plane of life get featured in the section. They have one thing in common – nothing!

Life goes on and so do we. It’s this little time in this timeless cosmic cycle we get to learn, realize, cast an imprint, touch a heart, fall in love, explore, know, and finally leave. This website is a fraction of our efforts to do these all.

Warmly welcome

We The World Magazine