61% Americans eager to meet friends & family first than go on vacation, it turns out

61% Americans Eager To Meet Friends And Family First Than Go On Vacation - We The World Magazine
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Yes. We’re all in a crouching position to launch ourselves as soon as the whistle to go comes. But American’s are not as eager to get out then reunite with their friends and families, a new study finds.

The coronavirus has upended travel, leading to lengthy pilings of conversations, updates, and gossips within friends and family members. The study commissioned by ValuePenguin involving 1200 Americans found a total of 61% of respondents will make it a point to visit their friends (14%) and families (47%) once travel restrictions are over. 

Not only this, but vacation planning is also in the works once travel restrictions are lifted. 17% of respondents have already started finding potential destinations, 14% have started checking flight routes, and 10% hotel deals, according to ValuePenguin.

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Florida, California, and New York respectively remains the most anticipated domestic destinations once travel is allowed. A majority of the respondents (42%) don’t believe the pandemic will affect their travel plans and plan to spend on the same as usual. Only 19% will be considerate while shedding dollars on travel since they feel the pandemic has something to do with the virus. 15% will reportedly spend more because they have not been able to travel lately.

Ideally, travel is supposed to be the last thing Americans should be grappling with, given the nation has the largest spread of the novel coronavirus than anywhere else; not even the place of origin – China’s Wuhan. Value Penguin’s survey however shows the brighter side. American’s are still hopeful to enjoy their time out once things permit.