5-years old stopped from driving on U.S. highway, kid wanted to buy Lamborghini

5-years Old Stopped From Driving On U.S. Highway Kid Wanted To Buy Lamborghini - We The World Magazine

A troper raised siren on a slow-driving car on U.S. highway which neatly pulled over in the left. He stopped the car suspecting the driver as impaired, only to find a five-year-old was in the driver’s seat.

The incident took place on the Utah Interstate 15 freeway when the trooper signaled a car to pull over, presuming the driver was impaired since the car was constantly changing lanes. The alleged car neatly parked on the left, according to reports, and the trooper was bemused to find a 5-years old on the driver’s seat.

“You’re 5 years old? “Wow!” the trooper reportedly said upon finding. (Image courtesy of The Utah Highway Patrol via Twitter)

According to Utah Highway Patrol, it turns out, the kid left home after an argument with his mom in his parent’s car. Kiddo demanded a Lamborghini, but mum refused. Unable to bear the denial, the young man decided to take the matters in his own hands and left home for California (more than 700 miles) to buy himself the car of his choice with the $3 savings he had.

“He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet,” the Utah Highway Patrol tweeted. Watch the story coverage by CNBC News below:

Conversation and the incident captured by the dashboard camera of the police has been uploaded on Youtube and since then has been viewed over a billion times across Youtube publications. “Was not expecting to find what I found,” trooper Morgan told CNBC News.

The kid has not been identified since he’s a minor. It also turns out he was being babysitted by his older sister while his parents were out at work. Sister reportedly fell asleep when the boy left home. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. By the time kiddo was caught, he had already traveled 2 miles.

Correction: a slight change has been made on the original title of the article to make it more coherent with the body content.

(Cover image courtesy of @UTHighwayPatrol via Twitter)