Nightmarish 14-legged deep-sea cockroach found in 2018 officially named

Nightmarish 14-legged deep-sea cockroach found in 2018 officially named - We The World Magazine

Back in 2018, a deep-sea expedition was undertaken off of the coast of Banten, Western Java, Indonesia, in a lookout for new and unfound forms of life.

The researchers found a nightmarish 14-legged creature among others, that strikingly resembles a cockroach, just many times terrifying. And we bet, you’ll not like to ever meet it. Ever!

The animal’s face resembles the helmet worn by the Star War Villian Sith Lord and the creature was being identified as ‘Darth Vadar’ sea cockroach.

The deep-sea mission was undertaken by Peter Ng of the National University of Singapore and colleagues in partnership with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences according to Daily Mail.

The research was conducted at an average depth of 800-900 meters below sea level and the researchers collected hundreds of samples over a course of 6-weeks, which are unlisted in the scientific literature.

Now, after two years of discovery, the creature gets its name and recognition as a new specie by science. ‘Bathynomus raksasa’ is the formal name of the animal and it is being grouped as a ‘giant isopod’ or a type of crustacean that resembles cockroaches and woodlice on land.

This ‘sea cockroach’ can grow up to 50 centimeters long, thanks to the deep-sea temperatures and scarcity of predators. Food habits of the gruesome creature include scavenging on the dead remains of other animals, but they also do justice to their cockroach-namesake and can go without food for days.

Adding more to your nightmare, this creature is the world’s second-biggest isopod species in the science database. ‘Bathynomus giganteus’ is bigger and equally fearsome, if not more.

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