12 funny animal compilations that prove they are the ultimate entertainers

12 Funny Animal Compilations That Prove They Are The Ultimate Entertainers - We The World Magazine

We’re surrounded by animals all the time. Birds, cats, dogs, cows, squirrels. And since they’re so much a part of our lives, we tend to forget how entertainers they’re unless some hilarious moments are captured and shared by pet owners who found them in the humorous acts. 

Here are the 12 funny animal compilations that time and again establish them as the ultimate entertainers

We the World presents 12 funny animal compilations. Be it with their otherworldly activities, or adorable reactions, they’re undoubtedly the born drama kings and queens. Here, have a look.

1. Dog’s dream come true with a ball shower!

The black labrador seemed so happy with a neon yellow ball, then two falls from the sky. But the reaction after hundreds of them showered on him is lit. 

Doggo’s Dream Comes True.. from funny

2. Swing Time

We already know what skillful jumper cats are. Give them any obstacles and they’ll overcome it with one simple, effortless flight. This cat, apparently wanted to take a swing and here’s presenting her in action: 

IIIIIIIIIIIII’m gonna swing! from funny

3. There’s no escape

This man apparently thought he could have some food without sharing, but his doggo had different plans. Watch this adorable dog taking a cold start from bed to ready to eat. 

I, too, like food from aww

4. Five times bigger than me, but I still managed

This dachshund absolutely has no sense of dimension and we can’t be happier, because who would look more adorable? Watch this pup carry many-times-longer branch and tried to pass through a narrow gate. But finally managed. 

The doggo did it! from Awww

5. Swag

Watch this Gorilla absolutely nailing his entry outside the shelter. A sheer show of ultimate style, we must say. After all, animals are the ultimate entertainers. 

Imma head out…in style from funny

6. Food over fall

See this cuddly, squishy-wishy baby panda enjoying food while tumbling down from a platform. 

baby panda: why i am on ground.ummm lemme focus on food. from funny

7. Okay, this was probably close…

While we can’t agree more what a smart big cat she is, but OMG that’s dangerous. The lioness straight opened the lock of the car, and the person holding the camera seemed stumbling to escape. 

Smart Kitty from funny

8. Clean landing

Watch this cat take a flight from scratch and land without a scratch. Amazing acrobat at the display. 

Totally Missed the Landing… from funny

9. Mouthfull

This squirrel trades some dry leaves for a big chunky nut. Clever little.

Everyday this squirrel trades dried leaves for fresh nuts at this woman’s apartment window. from aww

10. On Head

This 4-years-old puppy doesn’t pay any heed to seniority. Okay, doing some mischief as a kid- understandable. But repeating the same with an elder even after you’re apparently big, is pure shenanigan. 

He has sat on her head since he was a puppy. She’s now 12 1/2 and he’s 4. Still a jerk. from AnimalsBeingJerks

11. Enough! 

The paw of this cat struck the face of this woman at the right time as if saying ‘enough!’ leaving her baffled. Watch the hilarious moment. 

Cat said enough from AnimalsBeingJerks

12. Even I like to swing..

Dog can’t tolerate human sibling getting a swing by dad all alone.

This dog is so sweet from aww

Well, they’re mostly dogs and cats, but there’s no doubt our life would be so incomplete without them, being around us every day.

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