11 million residents in Wuhan to be tested for COVID-19 within 10 days, as fresh cases arrive

11 Million Residents In Wuhan To Be Tested For Covid-19 Within 10 Days - We The World Magazine
Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

Wuhan, where the first cases of novel coronavirus started to surface, is now testing all the 11 million residents for the novel virus, as fresh cases arise after the Chinese city eased lockdown restrictions.

Seven new infections emerged on Sunday and Monday, one infection was imported, and six from a community cluster, the government reports for the first time after Wuhan eased lockdown on April 8. All total 15 news cases were reported in China by today, according to Indian Express.

The City was the first to report the novel coronavirus infection and enter complete lockdown on January 28 and the first to lift it on April 8. According to updated data, 67,803 cases so far have been confirmed in Hubei province, with 3212 deaths.

According to local media, Wuhan’s district health commissioner and neighborhood committees received a directive from the Wuhan Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention Headquarters to test all the residents in their jurisdiction. Special emphasis to be given for elderly places with high population concentration and mobile population, Associated Press reports.


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Meanwhile, in the US, top infectious disease officials, Dr. Anthony Fauci warn for “needless suffering and death” across cities and states if lockdown and stay-at-home orders are loosened. More than a dozen US States have reportedly loosed the restrictions. This comes in contrast to President Donald Trump’s betting on easing lockdown to aid the failing economy.