Nudist couple travels the world naked

Nudist couple travels the world naked

Thirty-something Belgian couple Nick and Lins are naturists — also called nudists — which means they’ll go naked in designated areas or whenever possible. Because for them ‘life is better without clothes!’

When the pandemic stuck, they were Mexico, entrapped in ‘semi-lockdown,’ and could not get back to Europe. “We had a nude beach,” Lins recalls saying it wasn’t that bad after all, reminiscing their three-months trip extension.

Finally, they were able to get back to Europe in July, having spent and documented their time of life in places like Zipolite, Oaxaca, Honduras, Corsica, and more.

The couple run a website called Naked Wanderings and also an Instagram account which acts as an extension of their website.

Now, after getting back to Europe they’re traveling around France — a country that has a reputation for its nude beaches, along with a handful of other European nations.

But it was not always like this for the couple.

The journey began for the two back in 2012 in Belgium where they bumped onto each other unexpectedly, the couple tells CNN Travel in an interview.

It did not take long to discover their common love for naturalism and soon started to visit places that would hone their newfound love for topless and bottomless time-spending.

The couple started visiting a spa where nudity was compulsory and they “went there again and again.”

After several times, they “started exploring other options — with social nudity, with naturism — and that’s how we discovered naturist clubs, naturist campgrounds, activities, events, and just rolled more and more into naturism,” Nick told CNN.

Nick and Lins, apart from enjoying their time together in nature, have also ingested an underlying mission to debunk the misconceptions people have over nudism and naturalism.

“There are two main preconceptions,” Nick told. “One is that it’s related to sex — lots of people don’t understand that people can be naked together without any sexual intention. That’s one big misconception. And the other one is that it’s for old people.”

Now, after four years since their website was launched, they’ve gained an impressive number of readers, and their “naked butts have appeared in newspapers and magazines all around the world.”

Having visited 4 countries and countless places, including traveling the Amazon Rainforest and scuba-diving sans-clothes, they’ve got quite a story to share with the world.

Social media censorship butts in their way to blogging

Just recently an artificial intelligence glitch in Facebook slammed a basket full of Walla Walla onions for being too sexy and rejected the advertisement campaign request, We The World reported.

In other words, documenting life without clothes in the depths of the jungle or a beachside will not be easy for a nudist and naturalist couple. Social media rules on nudity and sexual explicitly comes into their way.

But Nick and Lin says they’ve found a way to bypass the same, travel blogging being their full-time occupation.

While their posts usually cross the nudity boundaries imposed by platforms like Facebook and Instagram, artfully placing themselves in frames and using props help them avoid the censorship.

Nudist couple travels the world naked
Image courtesy of Naked Wanderings via CNN Travel

The pandemic has boosted the nudist scene, at least around the UK; thanks to the virtual working opportunity that gives people more choice about what to wear, or if wear at all! The same has been in the case of France.

As the pandemic-related restrictions allow them to travel, next on their list are nudist places in Thailand, New Zealand, and South Africa, the couple told CNN Travel.

The couple says people ask them how will they find jobs when their butts are all over the newspaper. They say if a company does not want to give jobs because of that “it’s probably not a company where we want to work.”

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