WHO says China’s claim that COVID did not emerge there is ‘speculative’

WHO says China’s claim that COVID did not emerge there is ‘speculative’


  • WHO says saying COVID-19 did not originate from China would be ‘highly speculative.’
  • China has been pushing a claim that the novel coronavirus did not originate from China but appeared there first. the nation said citing epidemiological investigations.
  • WHO was widely criticized for delaying the declaration of a global pandemic, which it did on March 11th.

KOLKATA (India) — Pushing back on China’s narrative that the novel coronavirus did not emerge in the nation, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it would be ‘highly speculative’ to say the same.

“I think it’s highly speculative for us to say that the disease did not emerge in China,” said Mike Ryan at a Geneva press conference when asked if there are chances for the novel coronavirus to have originated outside China.

Mike’s response is apparently a mouth-shut response to China’s recent narration of coronavirus that it is claiming has not originated in Wuhan, but other regions.

Several Chinese state-run news media outlets are running stories claiming the outbreak came to the mainland via fresh-food imports and from there it hopped onto humans via the cold-chain staffs.

Several cold food chain workers contacted the disease in China, but there’s no tangible research proclaiming that those cases were the source of the original outbreak.

China was citing epidemiological investigations and the instances of cold food-chain outbreaks of the virus to claim Covid-19 may have not originated in Wuhan after all.

“(..) We believe the origin process is a complex scientific issue which requires joint efforts on COVID-19 cooperation from the scientific community worldwide,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian told a media briefing pulling in possibilities the virus did not emerge in his country.

But WHO, with its latest remarks seems to be brushing off the same statement.

“It is clear from a public health perspective that you start your investigations where the human cases first emerged,” Ryan said, adding evidence after that can lead to other places.

The origin of the coronavirus has been widely reported to have emerged from a wet market in Wuhan where the first cases emerged in the South Asian giant’s Hubei province later last year.

But WHO declared the same as a pandemic only on March 11th, 2020, following months delay. Prior to that the organization just kept short of declaring the outbreak a pandemic.

The US was one of the biggest critics of the global health body and called it ‘China’s puppet’ before Trump ultimately pulled the States out from WHO. President-elect Joe Biden has, however, vowed to join the nation back.

The WHO, under pressure from the US, has said will send a team of investigations to China to probe the origin of the virus deeply and more closely. China’s new corona rhetoric also coincides with WHO’s mission to China.

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