Vow to dismantle the Minneapolis police as protests continue to press

Vow to dismantle the Minneapolis police as protests continue to press

The majority of City Council has agreed to dismantle the Minneapolis police on Sunday as protests continue to escalate after the George Floyd incident happened two weeks ago.

Councilman Jeremiah Ellison, speaking to NBC News told the council will work to disband the “current iteration” of the city’s police force.  “We are not going to hit the eject button without a plan, so today was the announcement of the formulation of that plan. The plan has to start somewhere,” he said in an interview.

Disbanding police of a major city and devising an alternative safety-force is not an easy feat in the US, which was literally unthinkable a few weeks back. However, what happens int he future is yet to be seen.

Vow to dismantle the Minneapolis police as protests continue to press

George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis cop after the ex-officer pinned him down on the neck long enough to suffocate him. Floyd’s last words before death were “I can’t breathe” which has since then become the clarion call for the Back Lives Matter movement happening since the homicide footage was leaked by a bystander.

According to the Councilman, nine members out of twelve have inclined to disband the city’s police. Council President Lisa Bender calls the city’s relationship with the polis as “toxic.” She assured they commit to taking every single step necessary to keep the city’s people safe and “and to tell the truth that Minneapolis police are not doing that.”

Don’t support dismantling

Minneapolis Mayor told in a statement that he will work “relentlessly” with the Police Chief Medaria Arradondo to end the “systematic racism in police culture” and bring about the needful structural reform but he does not support dismantling the whole band. On Saturday, the Mayor was booed out of a rally, with “Shame! Shame!” chants.

Minneapolis governor Tim Walz told the state is launching a civil rights investigation to wade through decades of police records to determine if racism towards people of color is systematic.

In a formal statement, the City Council Members told: “We are here today to begin the process of ending the Minneapolis police department and creating a new transmitters model for cultivating safety in a city.

“We recognise we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like. But our community does.”

Part of the 13-member City Council, Jeremiah Ellison earlier in June 4 tweeted “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”

In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio told he would divert the city’s polis budget to other community services.

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