South Korea prevents North Korea from hacking Covid-19 vaccine data: Report

South Korea prevents North Korea from hacking Covid-19 vaccine data: Report

KOLKATA (India) — South Korean intelligence agency reportedly foiled attempts from rogue nation North Korea for stealing novel coronavirus vaccine data from South Korean pharmaceutical companies.

Citing a member of the South Korean parliamentary intelligence, News1 agency reported that North Korea was targeting several South Korean drug makers to get hands-on data from the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine.

The agency however did not specify how many attempts and which drug makers were targeted, nonetheless, it mentioned that no harm was ultimately reported from the hacking attempts, Reuters reported.

The staggering report comes as several Covid-19 vaccines from Western nations have shown extraordinary promise for effectively preventing the virus, which has taken millions of lives and infected tens of millions globally.

But what is unusual about North Korea trying to hack COVID-19 vaccine data is the fact that the nation has strongly maintained it has not got a single Covid-19 case — a statement as uncertain as to the nation itself.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un said they have successfully prevented any local infections earlier this year, but the claims were disputed by global health experts. Now reports of trying to hack vaccine data steal even more credit from Jong-Un’s claim.

The hacking report also comes a week after technology giant Microsoft sounded an alarm over hackers endorsed by Russia and North Korea who were caught leaking novel coronavirus vaccine data from companies in France, the United States, and South Korea.

Microsoft said, one of the hackers from North Korea was reportedly pretending to be the World Health Organization.

Another report from November 2 said a North Korean firm called Kimsuki targeted to leak research data on coronavirus from several research companies, governments, human rights organizations, and even the UN Security Council.

Kimsuki reportedly used an advanced hacking mechanism something that has not been documented in the world ever before.

The reports are as astounding as they read given North Korea is one of the world’s most impoverished nations, where the majority of its population suffers from chronic poverty and malnourishment.

Furthermore, there is no access to any sort of internet to the public in North Korea. Internet is only given to students in colleges and universities for research purposes, which too is very heavily restrained.

Earlier We The World reported, North Korea took some draconian measures to stem the virus from entering their landlocked territory from neighboring nations like China, by issuing shoot-at-sight order for any espionage attempts in its borders with China and South Korea.

Meanwhile, the South Korean intelligence agency said Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is gradually losing cool over the Covid-19 stuck economy in the already-ailing nation.

As per reports, Jong-Un sanctioned at least three executions in the past three months and “Key executives faced harsh punishment and even execution for failing to abide by virus rules,” opposition lawmaker Ha Tae-Keung told reporters after being briefed by Seoul’s National Intelligence Service. 

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