Hyderabad: ‘Missing body’ found buried by another family by ‘mistake’

Hyderabad: ‘Missing body’ found buried by another family by ‘mistake’

In a bizarre incident, yet an apparent corona-effect and hospital authority negligence, the allegedly ‘missing body’ of a deceased was found to have been buried by another family in Hyderabad.

The incident goes onto reflecting just how much the novel coronavirus has seeped into lives, that even the last rites for loved ones are being tampered with.

Body of a lung infection patient, Rashid Khan who died of COVID-19 was buried by members of another deceased’s family, as they thought the body was their family member’s who passed away from COVID-19, Rashid Khan’s brother told ANI. Asif, who’s a Hydrabad resident earlier went to seek help from the Telangana Chief Minister since the body went missing.

Hyderabad: ‘Missing body’ found buried by another family by ‘mistake’
Photo by Shubham Rath on Unsplash

Such incidents usually happen from the oblivion of dead bodies wrapped from head to toe in protective gear to prevent a potential spread of the virus. And in this case, it is perhaps hospital negligence, as this is the second time such cases arising from the same clinic.

According to multiple reports, after Asif went to the hospital to collect his brother’s body on June 10, authorities could not find the body. The police investigation found on June 11, the body was handed over to another family and they performed the final rites for his brother’s dead body as they mistook it for Mohammed who died from COVID-19.

“Officials only kept giving us hope that they will look into the matter. As we kept pressuring them, they allowed us to check at least 18 other dead bodies for identification. On Thursday noon we learned that it was handed over to another family and they held the burial,” the family was quoted as saying.

Hyderabad, where the incident happened is perhaps counting second such incidents in a matter of a week. Last time a family realized they were possessing a wrong body and returned it before too later. Both cases happened in Hyderabad’s coronavirus center, Gandhi Medical College and Hospital. Telangana has recorded 4,320 confirmed cases and 165 deaths so far.

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