Father prompts unintelligent son to marry a wooden effigy

Father prompts unintelligent son to marry a wooden effigy

In a bizarre incident taking place in India’s Uttar Pradesh, a bridegroom was married to a wooden effigy with all the elaborate rituals of a Hindu marriage, and with an equally bizarre reason.

Speaking to ANI, the father whose son was being married to a wooden doll, told that his son did not have a property and was not intelligent, hence this drastic step.

“I have nine sons, of which eight were married. My 9th son has no property and not intelligent, so I got him married to an effigy,” Mr. Shiv Mohan told the news agency.

It is known that his marriage happened with all the elaborate rituals that would have happened in the case of a marriage with a real human. And this was the father’s last wish, according to the relatives.

Reports suggest the 90-years old father’s last wish was to see all his sons married. But since Shiv Mohan claims his son is not intelligent enough, hence the step to welcome a wooden effigy as a daughter in law.

The elaborate rituals were reportedly conducted by a Hindu priest, and the ceremony was attended by villagers. Even the garland exchange took place in the nuptials.

As usual, Twitter was opinionated. Here’s what netizens have to say about the wedding:

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