‘The Guardian’ states 18 reasons why you should eat more plant-based

‘The Guardian’ states 18 reasons why you should eat more plant-based

Major mainstream media, The Guardian recently published an extensive article debunking 18 most-argued reasons for eating meat, clearly outlining 18 reasons why you should not.

Environment editor Damian Carrington writes the article titled “Why you should go animal-free: 18 arguments for eating meat debunked” to state that the “environmental and health evidence for a plant-based diet is clear.”

As the world battles a deadly outbreak of a virus of zoonotic origin, so far which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives globally, perhaps, this is the best to ponder on the apposite of one over the other.

Ever since the pandemic broke out it is being largely opined that the reason for the virus is gradually receding safe-distance between humans and wildlife.

World’s top biodiversity experts have even suggested either halt destruction of nature, or face an even worse pandemic.

Carrington’s article invites the most glaring question from the eternal meat or no-meat conflict: “Are avocados really worse than beef? What about bee-massacring almond production?”

He acknowledges how food is cultural, socio-economical, and that it cannot have one universal standard. And then he says irrespective of any healthy and sustainable diet you choose, one thing is for sure, it will have much less red-meat than the standard western diet.

‘The Guardian’ states 18 reasons why you should eat more plant-based
The Guardian states 18 reasons why you should eat more plant-based


Over the years, a lot of attention has shifted to climate change and its impact, while a part of attention also, inadvertently go to pro-meat arguments.

Like- ‘grass-fed beef is actually low in carbon,’ ‘a good amount of land is only suitable for cattle rearing,’ growing tofu and soy have its impact on the Amazons,’ ‘ animals are needed to convert the low-quality protein into what humans actually need, ‘ avocados cause drought,’ ‘almond milk-making kills bees,’ ‘plant-based meats are unhealthy’ and so many more.

Questions are numerous, with each having numerous answers. “So, food is complicated. But however much we might wish to continue farming and eating as we do today, the evidence is crystal clear that consuming less meat and more plants is very good for both our health and the planet,” Carrington writes in his article that has been shared eighteen thousand times so far.

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