Fogging of specs due to mask? Doctor’s ingenious hack is all savior

Fogging of specs due to mask? Doctor’s ingenious hack is all savior

KOLKATA (India) — Face masks have become mandatory in our lives these days thanks to the coronavirus Pandemic. Experts say that wearing masks and maintaining social distancing are the two essential measures to break the chain of the passing of infection from one person to the other.

Wearing masks for people especially for those with glasses has proven to be irritating. Millions of glass-wearers often complain about the problem of glass fogging while wearing a mask.

Many others complain about the mask slipping down from the nose which is another irritation. And they bother because you’ve got to wear them no-matter-what.

Dr. Daniel M. Heiferman, an open cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery fellow at Semmes Murphey Clinic in Tennessee, US, has a very straightforward solution to curb the fogging of specs due to mask. That is a band-aid.

His ingenious hack has earned him thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets on twitter.

The doctor tweeted, “If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple band-aid does wonders. Learned it in the OR. Feel free to share, it may save lives!”

Dr. Heiferman also explained that he has been using a bandage during operation for many years over his face mask to keep his surgical loupes which helped from fogging up these spectacular devices mounted to glasses.

Last week he told CTV during a telephone interview: “A lot of surgeons use just regular surgical tape that’s available in the operating room, but it really irritated the bridge of my nose, and so I thought of using just a Band-Aid that has a little cotton pad on it that will sit kind of on that part that was really irritating to me.”

Last week Dr. Heiferman shared a selfie on Twitter in which he was wearing a face mask with a bandage attached on top of it.

As this solution has really helped him for many years so he thought to share this with his Twitter followers to encourage them to wear masks during this pandemic which gained a lot of likes on Twitter.

He said, “There are a lot of people who want to do a good job but have a hard time because it’s new to them and they don’t know how to do it well, and I’m just hoping that this is going to have an impact and help people wear masks better.”

Not just Dr.Heiferman, health experts around the world has called on the masses to wear facemasks (except for some states in the US) as a primary measure to stem the growth of the virus.

The novel coronavirus spreads via respiratory droplets that are released from an infected person during speaking, sneezing, coughing, and singing, which enters the body of the healthy person during close contact or other channels.

Before you go, here’re some tips to prevent fogging and caring for your lenses:

  • Wash the lenses with soap and water

The two doctors who published their suggestion in the medical journal “Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England,” recommended washing glass lenses with soap and water to remove the excess moisture and then let them dry with a clean microfiber cloth before wearing the mask.

  • Ensure the mask to be well fitted

An optometrist of Eye Clinic Markham in Ontario advised wearing the mask over the nose securely so that their breath is sealed in the mask. This will help to prevent the glasses from fogging up.

  • Adjust the glasses

If the glasses have nose pads, you can adjust them to keep the frame a bit farther from your face. But here you need to be careful so that the vision doesn’t get changed.

Make sure to not use some of the wild remedies that many people tend to follow like applying toothpaste, vinegar, or ammonia and even spit to clean lenses. For sure, they’ll do more harm than good.

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