Live lamb featured in primetime Israeli ad urges public to ‘connect’

Live lamb featured in primetime Israeli ad urges public to ‘connect’

Sometimes strategically used presence (like a tiny live lamb) can convey that hardcore campaign and direct messages can ever do! Like in the case of a pro-cruelty add that aired for the first time on Israeli prime-time did.

A simple advertisement from a cruelty-free Internation group called Vegan Friendly was aired during the climactic moment of Israel’s most-watched television show in the history- ‘Survivor Israel.’

In the advertisement, a young couple was seen shopping for food at a supermarket. The time comes when they head to shop for meat.

The man takes out a pack of frozen meat from the frozen section but the woman demands ‘extra fresh’ meat for her recipe. They head toward the live butcher section.

As the two orders for fresh lamb, the woman again emphasizes she wants ‘extra fresh’ lamb, and to this the butcher orders the same from inside.

A man comes and hands over a cute baby lamb to the woman. She takes it, stunned, while the man asks, ‘what is this?’ both visibly uncomfortable. Answering, the butcher says ‘extra fresh!’ “Would you like it chopped or wrapped?” the butcher asks next.

A voiceover says ‘make the connection’ and adds ‘over 1 million Israelis has made the connection and stopped eating animals,’ as the camera zooms in, with the woman clinging with the lamb tightly.

Watch the viral commercial below:

First-time on primetime

This was the first-ever pro-vegan advertisement aired on a prime-time show, that too amid the climax scene of one of Israel’s most-watched television show in the history.

The advert is estimated to have reached more than 3 million people, Israel’s 35% population.

“The Israeli audience saw on prime time, at the climactic moment of a reality show, the real source of the food it needs,” Omri Paz, founder, and CEO of Vegan Friendly the organization behind the advertisement said in a statement.

“I want to thank our loyal donor audience that helped us get it on air. The advertisement raises the issue of veganism to the wider public discourse, and even influence many people to make a different choice when they approach the supermarket,” he added.

Israel is one of the world’s best-known places for vegans and has been dubbed as the world’s vegan capital because of its thriving plant-based scene and popularity of the lifestyle.

According to the food trends website Chef’s pencil, Israel stands 3rd in the list of vegan capital of the world, preceded by the UK and Australia.

The reason, as Chef’s Pencil writes is – “(…) this newly-formed country is the mix of the traditional Mediterranean diet of the area and the strict dietary laws of Kosher food – the separation of meat, dairy, and parve, which is pretty much vegan apart from the fish gelatin and honey, which means it has been easy to embrace veganism.”

“The best commercial in this ruined world. ✨🥴,” a commenter wrote. “If only we’d be exposed to commercials like this all around the world, nearly as often as we see a commercial promoting all kinds of violence derived products. So well done!!,” someone else wrote.

Remembering ‘Casa de Carne’

This is not the first time live animals were enough to send the needful messages to the public through provocative advertisements.

A similar advertisement from a pro-vegan group called Last Chance for Animals, directed by Dustin Brown also sent a similar message and went viral for all the right reasons.

In a much similar premise, the add called ‘Casa de Carne’ – a film about hard choices and hidden truths’ used a pig instead of lamb after three people went to a special restaurant to eat pork recipe. Watch it here.

“I’d like this film to make people think and question their everyday reality. Now more than ever, we need stories that expand our circle of empathy and allow us to see the world through a more compassionate lens,” the filmmaker and director Dustin Brown wrote on Bored Panda.

“It’s easy to use our differences as starting points for conflict: different races, different religions, different countries… different species. And yet, we’re all sharing this planet. Our similarities far outweigh our differences.”

It is high time we connect animal cruelty with the devastating climate change that is threatening every Earthly hour. No longer is ditching animals off the plate as much as possible is a simple fad or a fashionable choice. It has become the need of the hour.

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